The farm

The Azienda Agricola Castello di Petrata develops its activity within the park of 50 hectares of the castle, part of which is dedicated to cultivation and cultivation of different types.

Among the main raw materials used in the kitchen in the restaurant of Castello di Petrata, there are:

  • 1

    Truffle plantation, precious black and wicker

  • 2

    Olive grove, with morainol and leek plants

  • 3

    Orchard with peach, fig, apple tree, pear, apricot, cherry tree

  • 4

    Vegetable garden with seasonal production of tomatoes, aubergines, salad, zucchini, leeks, artichokes, pachini tomatoes, radicchio etc.

The Castello di Petrata Farm’s flagship is the breeding of pigs (Apennine breed) in the wild state from which all the cold meats you can enjoy in the restaurant are produced.

The whole farm can be visited from Petra Castle with a relaxing walk in the park, every morning in the vegetable market (near the breakfast room) you can pick up freshly harvested vegetables and vegetables, buy cold meats, oil and truffles.

Sport facilities

Immersed in the park, to make the holiday active, there is the opportunity to spend leisure and leisure time using the free equipment and equipment available, these are:

  • 1

    synthetic grass tennis court

  • 2

    bowling alley

  • 3

    mountain bike

For all activities we will provide you with free equipment for a few hours of relaxation!


A corner of the park is dedicated to the little ones that can spend a few hours using the many outdoor games present.